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The intensity of your gaze speaks volumes about your desire. You give without counting and you show great generosity in this matter. In career, you might need to travel, which will force you to be away from home and the people you care about, but you will turn things in your favor, and manage to reclaim some free time. However, you will only make that decision after discussing to your family. The single natives are ready to live a love affair with a big A.

Perhaps even you will get married this year. Personal Opportunities for Scorpio: With two planets in the other Water signs, and two in Earth signs you are well supported in much of what you attempt this year. With planets continuously in Taurus from February until June can bring the most productive period of your year. As far as working on your own ideas or feeling in complete command of the situation you have to wait until October to December. This is an ideal year to let go of the past and modernize many of your ways of doing things.

The earlier in the year you realize this the easier your life will be. You will only cause yourself unnecessary conflict around you by arguing about old matters you can no longer change. March is the month to let go.

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Depending on how you handle joint finances in April and May could indicate whether this is an area of improvement of not this year. If you are investing money in this time around April and May are not the time for heavy financial spending if it can be avoided. September until the end of the year is the best section. Some change in work colleagues takes place in February and from mid May to early June. You can be boosted by those you meet March to early April.

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Some of the people you work with may change in February as a new group of people is around you. An opportunity for a new job is around late June through until early October. For some it could just involve a special project, or learning a new skill. Follow through with commitments late August to early September; otherwise your reputation could be affected. You may experience some bronchial or chest related complaints in April. There are no major challenges this year, but many planets now sit in the so-called social sectors of your horoscope encouraging over-indulgence.

This may not help those trying to lose weight — your own willpower will.

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Any Questions? Certified astrologers online! You and your Taurus buds will have to curb that urge to run off and join a carnival or motorcycle gang this month. You also have an idealistic bug up your butt.

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Take a look at your own motives. Happy New Year! Some of you will have a streak of good luck coming your way and others may have a sudden urge to rebel. But, the rest of you will probably start the month out in a nasty mood. Try to make the best of them! Who cares if you look like a fool? Wednesday 25th January.

The Moon is merging with Mercury in your communication zone today, Scorpio. This makes for milestone conversations that will blow you away.

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You'll be surprised at how monumental the impact of your words will be now. It could in fact change the very structure of your life. Choose each one carefully. Scorpio Scorpio personality profile. You Might Also Like.

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The President is trying to evaluate whether Ukraine is truly going to adopt the transparency and reforms that President Zelensky promised during his campaign I suggest we stop the back and forth by text If you still have concerns I recommend you give Lisa Kenna or S a call to discuss them directly. Lifestyle Home. Follow Us. The Saturn Sisters. Elle January 31, See all daily horoscopes Scorpio monthly horoscope Bookmark this page to easily find your daily horoscope! Monday 30th January The stars are lining up in the most delightful way today, Scorpio.

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Sunday 29th January Your love life is the sweet highlight of the day, Scorpio. Saturday 28th January Work is about to go into fast-forward crazy motion over the next few weeks, Scorpio. Friday 27th January Today's New Moon brings up old feelings — possibly from your early childhood. Thursday 26th January The stars are pretty overwhelming right now, Scorpio.


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