Fixed grand cross astrology

A Grand Cross is a planetary alignment in the astrology chart.

Aspect patterns — the building blocks of astrological charts

It consists of four planets at degree angles with each other and each being in a different astrological quality. Every sign of the zodiac is either cardinal , mutable , or fixed. Therefore, a Fixed Grand Cross happens when all four planets involved are in the mutable signs of fixed signs of Taurus , Leo , Scorpio , and Aquarius.

This brings a very different energy to the Grand Cross than say a Cardinal Grand Cross or a Mutable Grand Cross, for the fixed energy is probably the most stubborn and challenging of the three, even though Grand Crosses can be challenging enough in and of themselves. Symbolized by a scale, Libras care about fairness and justice, easily seeing both sides and playing the mediator.

She is a very powerful star I believe representing the Amazon warrioress which Medusa had originally embodied. Jupiter is opposite Juno which is fitting as they were originally the Royal Couple of all the other Gods and Goddesses as Zeus and Hera. Take time out at this Full Moon and sit and stay grounded. Be in the sensuous pleasure that is real.

Planetary Aspect: Grand Cross

Take in physical beauty, anoint yourself with aromatherapy and massages. Wear something lavish and silky or satiny velvety or otherwise lush. Indulge your senses. Ask your gut to connect you with the Guardian Angels and review what your heart wants. Venus Retrograde rules this full Hunter Moon.

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This is a time to release renew and revolutionize your body your spirit and your soul. Lilith and nagas painting by Napoleon Brousseau. Boundaries are hugely important and I find this is a big topic of conversations these days.

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The Fixed Grand Cross with Lilith, Venus, Mars, Uranus and the Nodes is a sexual turning point and liberation for women to set clear boundaries and refuse to compromise to being treated as less than equals. How much does the influence of transiting energies "push" for change? In contrast to everyone in my immediate life I have traveled more, moved more often and changed many jobs.

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Also some of the experiences I have gone through or put myself through For the most part I haven't been aware of the cross until quite recently. A few aspects of my chart fit who I am and there are many that don't. I've noticed that many astrology sites list the fixed cross as the one about self worth.. For example the question about career or vocation was more geared towards the who am I aspect rather than the what am I worth I've read up on the north node in the 5th house and in Pisces and there are a few things to note: 1.


Many things of the in 5th house are geared towards society, expression, creativity and use of free will. Many points of this are in direct opposition to what my cross denotes. How much power or influence does this have in contrast to Natal Grand Cross? Confused and Curios, PaulG. The strong trines are from planets pretty close to the Desc. Last edited by waybread; at PM. Tags cross , fixed , grand Thread Tools. All times are GMT.

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